Welcome to pixel dieselpunk action game inspired by sumero-akkadian mythology.
2d, side view, Pixelart, Action, Adventure with Platformer and Puzzle elements.
Erra - god of plague and war in Sumerian-Akkadian mythology
The game's plot will tell about the fall of a civilization that failed to cope with its own creation.
Became the one who move your mind into an artificial body to survive the cataclysm.
You'll be involved in personal drama, secret of which will be revealed only after overcoming all dangerous on your path.
You'll pass through the big various of locations from the ancient temple of elders to the luxurious underground complex of the ruling elite, you will find your way through the scorched city of Telmun.
The visual style combines references to Sumero-Akkadian culture and mythology through the prism of diesel-punk and the original author's vision.
We're working on every environment detail and pay special attention to the characters.
Fair Pixel is the team, based in Ukraine.
Each of us wants to bring you a unique and very personal story, completed with satisfactory gameplay and powerful core idea of the game itself
We love our job and we can definitely says that we're working on a game that we like. So we hope that you will like it too.
We'll be extremely proud, if you'll join us and become a big part of an Erra: Exordium community.
This will allow us to improve the gameplay and enrich the game world with neccessary details.
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